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Privacy Policy: RESIDENTransfer takes users' privacy seriously and takes reasonable measures to protect users' personal information. RESIDENTransfer does not sell or redistribute your information to any unaffiliated third parties. Any personal information received is used only in connection to your RESIDENTransfer account, for the purposes such as alerting you of residency vacancies and swap positions, fulfilling your order, and communication with our customer support staff. Additionally, Resident Swap subscription enables users to choose to communicate with other users of Resident Swap who are typically Residents or Fellows. At the user's discretion, such communication may be carried out anonymously, or non-anonymously by conventional means. Specifically, RESIDENTransfer identifying information is not disclosed to residency programs.  

Refunds: RESIDENTransfer provides information about residency and fellowship vacancies to the subscribers. The one-time membership fee is non-refundable.