Canadian Residency Transfers: 


CaRMS can be a stressful process. We are delighted for all students who have matched and encourage everyone to embrace their matched programs. However, situations may change and trainees sometimes find that certain programs/locations are no longer suitable. This resource is intended for medical students & residents who have matched but would like to explore the option of swapping programs with another resident. 

Swapping solves the problems of funding and call coverage encountered in individual transfers. Once you have identified another resident willing to trade training opportunities, please refer to your school's transfer guide for the next steps. Individual residency/program coordinators have to approve of any changes but we believe programs would also like to receive committed residents who seek to be there. 

Note: Unfortunately, this platform cannot guarantee a successful transfer as it is not affiliated with CaRMS or any Canadian universities. For incoming PGY1 residents, you may still be required to complete 3 months of service at your matched program but it is probably best to initiate the conversation early.


created Feb 2019